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The Nightlife in Chaweng

Chaweng is the beach on Koh Samui where you will find most bars, discos, clubs and pubs. This is where you should head if you are a "party animal". Chaweng Beach Road is 6-7 km long, so it may be wise to consider a taxi if you are going between two places. Remember to always negotiate the price before you enter the taxi so you don't end up in a minor scam situation.

The two largest discotheques or clubs in Samui is called Green Mango (located on Soi Green Mango, in central Chaweng) and the Reggae Pub (Situated behind Chaweng Lake in central Chaweng).

Live music and live performances is commonly seen on the Irish pub Tropical Murphy's (central part of Chaweng Beach Road) and Coco Blues Company (the northern part of Chaweng Beach Road).

If you would like to enjoy a drink or a beer in the relaxed environment, we can recommend Brazilian Zico's with samba dance performances in the bar (found in southern Chaweng, near Soi Colibri).

Fashionable Q-Bar is a nightclub located high on a slope in north of Chaweng, overlooking the Chaweng lake. Not that cheap, but nifty and trendy if you enjoy the jet set style of hanging out.
Alcohol in Thailand
If you consume alcoholic beverages, there are a range of international drinks, wine and beer available, and if you want to try something local (Thai), these are the most popular options:

Beer Chang
6.4% alcohol. A cheap, strong, Thai beer. Rarely fond in "exclusive" bars and restaurants. It means "elephant beer" in Thai language.

"The original beer" in Thailand. Before 6%, now an alcoholic strength of 5%. Pronounced as "beea singh" in Thai.

A light beer. Not served in all bars and discos however.

Sang Som
Thailand's equivalent of rum. Cheap and popular among both tourists and some locals. Mix advantageous with sodas, Coca Cola / Pepsi and ice.

Mekhong Thai "whiskey"
Made from rice. Often mixed the same way as Sang Som (with soda and / or cola). Referred as "Thai Whiskey" and a classic, cheap spirit.

Thai brandy that has become very popular among the Thai middle class, as an alternative to cognac. Drink it with or without mixers (soda and ice).

Spy Wine Cooler
Very sweet and colorful. Generally popular among Thai women.

Lao Khao
Means "white spirits" and probably the cheapest alcohol you'll find in the Kingdom. This drink not for everyone though. The smell and taste is very... ...special.

Yah Dong
Thai spirits mixed with red herbs or powder. Not found in trendy bars or clubs.

Foreign, but locally brewed beer brands such as Heineken (Holland), Tiger (Singapore / Malaysia), San Miguel (Philippines), Corona (Mexico) and Asahi (Japan) is commonly found in the country as well.   
The Nightlife in Lamai

Lamai's nightlife is not at all as intensive as in Chaweng, but there are a lot of bars and a couple of smaller nightclubs and English pubs found here as well. We would like to recommend Fusion and Seed, which both are located in central Lamai.
The Nightlife elsewhere

The other beaches do not offer that intense nightlife, but smaller bars and pubs can be found almost everywhere on the island.

If you feel to have a romantic evening with your partner, we would recommend a romantic dinner at one of the northern beaches; Bo Phut (Fisherman's village), Choeng Mon or Maenam. Do you prefer a beautiful sunset as a background, it is the beaches on the west coast you should head for. BBC Restaurant at Lipa Noi is a cozy place, with a stunning sunset when the weather is ok.
Bar girls

Prostitution is present in almost all parts of Thailand, and also on Koh Samui. However, the phenomenon is mainly confined to a few bar areas in Chaweng and Lamai. If you want to avoid these areas, it is no problem at all.

Prostitution is formally illegal in Thailand, but still fairly widely accepted. However, it is strictly forbidden to buy sexual services of people under eighteen years of age and this can result in a very significant term of imprisonment.

Do not forget to venereal diseases (STD) including HIV and AIDS also are present on Koh Samui. We urge everyone